This blog is a spoof, right?

Hello dear reader

Yes, I am Murphy Richards, the author of this blog and founder of the Justice for Taxes Network.

In the past few months I have received numerous emails and had many conversations asking me as if I am some sort of spoof account of notorious nanny tax pirate Richard Murphy or simply treating me as if I were.

I decided I better write a brief post to explain the situation and to clear up the confusion.

I can confirm that there is some bizarre metaphysical connection between myself and Richard. A lot of the things I think appear mysteriously on his blog pretending to be some sort of satire on my serious and important works.

Sometimes his posts appear to be copies of my very own.

However, his posts are delivered in a brazen tongue-in-cheek manner suggesting that his thoughts are humorous or laughable in some way, whereas mine are serious ethical and political discourses on the nature and morality of taxation or economics.

This has caused some confusion amongst my readership. Many people have spoken to me as if I were Richard Murphy, calling my posts “stupid”, “moronic”, “idiotic”, “laughable”, “dumb”, “surely not serious”, “blatantly nonsense”, “quite frankly disturbing” or “a shocking indictment of the standard of political commentary”.

This apparent confusion only confirms to me that readers of Richard Murphy’s blog who have made their way over here have stupid senses of humour and do not understand taxation or economics. And thank you for your pleasant emails.

However, readers of my blog obviously read similar ideas delivered in a serious tone and see the merit in them and the genius that lies behind them. I imagine all of you would like to thank me for the beacon of intelligence and expertise I keep burning in these dark times.

Another possibility put to me the other day is that I am actually Richard Murphy’s split personality. That is, I am a disturbed figment of his imagination similar to the characters played by Brad Pitt in Fight Club or Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic*. When Richard goes to sleep, I take over and write a scathing riposte to his nonsensical humour.

For metaphysical reasons I cannot deny this possibility.

I can, however, suggest the equally likely, but contrary, situation that Richard is in fact my split personality and my life is actually the “real” one.

Either way, it is obvious that one of us is a spoof of the other and not to be taken seriously. If you are in any doubt whatsoever, your best course of action is to take neither of us seriously. This is probably for the best anyway as we pretty much share the same point of view about everything.

I hope that clears things up.

If for some reason you are still confused and require an answer, email me at


*Being Edward Norton and Billy Zane’s imaginary friends respectively.


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