Murphy Richards

Murphy Richards is the brains behind the Justice for Taxes Network and is the author of several books you ought to buy off Amazon:

  • State of Courage
  • The Joy of Being A Tax Expert
  • Cashing In by Murphy Richards

Murphy is the most intelligent and well-informed tax expert and campaigner in Norfolk. This is an indisputable fact.

Murphy has been described by many as a “genius” and a “…king … tax expert”. He is also the winner of Times Person of the Year 2006 and the JTN’s Personality of the Year for a record-breaking 12 years.

These are also indisputable facts.

He has declined a New Year’s Honour for 8 years running. In order to avoid embarrassing the Queen he writes a letter to her in March to pro-actively decline this unwanted accolade.

He has similarly declined 4 Nobel prizes and the Turner Prize. In 2003 he deliberately threw a game of chess against Gary Kasparov. He rejected a wild-card entry to Wimbledon in 1984.

But the most important fact about Murphy is this: He has never once been wrong.

And that is also a fact.


3 thoughts on “Murphy Richards

  1. You are such a great man. The tax world needs you … no one is competent enough to understand the difficult tax system. you should and could work as a professor of law, economics and politics at the same time.

  2. Hey Murphy,
    finally, i found you blog on the net.
    Some great informations here, but i think more people need to understand how important your work is, so i believe you should contact someone in the education department to work out how your thoughts can be integrated into our school system and its curriculum.

  3. Dear Murphy Richards

    I understand you enjoyed a bried encounter recently when your train was delayed at a rail station in The North. Is The North a nice village? did you get a nice cup of cha in the cafe by ‘eck? Are you now an expert in all aspects of Northern transport? if so, please share your expertise.

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