Murphy’s whereabouts

Hello readers. I am Jill Richards, Murphy’s long-contented wife.

Murphy has asked me to explain his absence from his blog and reassure everyone that he will be continuing his fight for justice for taxes shortly.

Unfortunately, Murphy had an accident three months ago. In the middle of a conversation with our neighbour’s 15 year old son Timothy, he abruptly stepped into the road in front of a bus.

Timothy is considering taking Economics A Level and he has told me that he was simply discussing the Laffer effect with my dear Murphy. Apparently, Murphy had been patiently trying to explain that we don’t need to worry about the Laffer effect because it is unlikely to be measurable in any scenario, rather like the risk associated with crossing a road is unmeasurable.

It is still not clear whether Murphy was somehow trying to illustrate his point or if he was storming off in frustration at the boy’s neoliberal indoctrination, but he suddenly stepped into the road without looking and was instantly knocked down.

Norfolk Green buses have since written to me apologising that, unusually, the number 37 was running on time.

Murphy has remained in a coma until last Sunday when he regained consciousness. He will continue his stay in hospital under observation for the moment.

Whilst the other doctors are as yet unconvinced that he has not suffered serious brain damage, I can assure you that he is his normal self.


Dr Jill Richards


4 thoughts on “Murphy’s whereabouts

  1. Jill,

    i am very sorry to hear this and trust that you can both obtain some comfort from the vehicle’s route being determined by the public sector.

    Stephen Herring

  2. Mrs Richards

    May I express my relief that our tireless warrior Murphy is OK and that all seems to be getting better. It can’t have been easy for you.

    It may be worrisome that Murphy had a coma for so long, but I’m confident the tumescent Murphy of old will eventually rise to the occasion as a result of your regular and firm ministrations.

    As is the case with Murphy himself, his model trains have not had a good run for several months. You should therefore expect quite a few passages at the back to have to be cleared. Ivan Bollocks is always enthusiastic to lend some muscular help here as Murphy’s right hand man, so to speak.

    My best wishes

  3. Jill, I congratulate you on your blog entry. I am sure this fully justifies your interests in Researches for Taxes LLP and Fulcrum Publishing Limited and there is absolutely no income splitting or NIC avoidance involved. After all that is only done by neo-liberals and spoof campaigners who write articles plugging such techniques in the Observer!

    I look forward to Murphy’s recovery. In his absence, the lamentable Richard Murphy has been very active. We need Murphy back!

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