An answer to Polly Toynbee’s question

I lift my head from my deathbed to note that Polly Toynbee has asked a particularly intelligent question about the composition of HMRC’s Board:

Why isn’t Murphy on that Board?

There is a very simple answer to that. And it is not that suggested by all the neoliberal trolls beneath Polly’s as-ever-uncriticisable article.

I’ve actually answered that question before, but I would take the time from malingering to remind Polly that the undeniably correct answer is that the people in charge of these things seem to think that I (of all people!) am so professionally inept that I am incapable of being objective and independent.

And that I don’t have any experience whatsoever of being on the board of large organisations.

And that I have numerous personal conflicts of interest due to various lucrative ventures that involve commenting on tax policies.

And that I am not actually suitably qualified, by experience or education, to comment on tax policy or administration of the tax system in any way.

And that I am considered to be a figure of ridicule by actual tax professionals all over the world.

And that my research is really just sub-standard emotive rhetoric that is ignored by all except for the politically disillusioned and economically or logically illiterate.

And that my only real “talent” lies in having no reticence in giving misleading quotes to journalists.


But those are obviously all just straw man arguments being propagated by neoliberals. So I am genuinely confused: what is the real reason?


2 thoughts on “An answer to Polly Toynbee’s question

  1. Murphy,

    Could it be to do with the right to extract the so-called confidential taxpayer information your hear on HMRC’s Board for inclusion in your next (overdue!) book?

  2. Murphy

    I see someone in the comments has described you as the accountancy equivalent of David Icke. Maybe you have not been appointed because you can see the shape-shifting lizards on the Board of HMRC?

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