Should I die tonight…

I am contractually obliged to blog on regular basis by my employers those who graciously  donate to Researches for Taxes UK to fund its charitable work. Unfortunately, I suffer from illness today. So all I can blog about is how ill I am and implore Civil Society to send me sympathy.

On an even more serious note, I should say that it is entirely possible that I am the victim of biological attacks from neoliberals.

If I should not make it through the night, let my last words be noted and put upon my tombstone.


With respect, you are wasting my time

I suggest you buy my book

Murphy Richards (25 December 1955 to 1 April 2014?)


4 thoughts on “Should I die tonight…

  1. Murphy

    It is hardly surprising that you have been taken sick, given the volume of abuse you receive from neo-liberal trolls. I see one had the temerity to describe your speaking truth to power rallying calls to your supporters as “spouting drivel at morons”.

    I know posting a blog in your condition must be difficult, so if you’re not still in bed Ivan Bollocks will try to stop by to first massage you vigorously downstairs and then later to help you to knock one out, assuming you’re up for it.

    Please don’t peg out on us, we lost Tony Benn only a couple of weeks ago.

  2. Dear Mr Richards. I am overcome with remorse, as I have often wished a long, nasty, painful and terminal illness upon you. I wish to recant my evil thoughts. May you suffer a short, painless and terminal illness instead. They say Switzerland provides the comfort and solace you need.

    Yours in Hope

  3. Presumably you have some suitable IHT shelters in place Murphy ? In my youth as a tax trainee death was always seen as an opportunity. An opportunity to bill twice as much for split year tax returns that is.

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