Labour should impose a State of Courage

Jon Cruddas and Stella Creasey are reported by the Guardian to be saying that:

The old model of politics where progress depended upon centralising the capacity to act – whether in the market or by top down state intervention – no longer works,

They appear to be echoing sentiment in the Guardian by left of centre think tanks that said Labour must embrace:

Devolution of state institutions, by giving away power and resources to our nations, regions, cities, localities and, where possible, directly to the people.

Both opinions are totally wrong and neoliberal lies. Most people don’t want any power over matters that affect them. They want most of their life to be dictated to them by bureaucrats and the political elite.

Ordinary people are too stupid to have power, let alone to delegate it sensibly. People don’t want to have the ability to hold a face-to-face conversation with the person making decisions at their local school to make effective decisions for their children should the need arise. No, they want the Minister of Courageous Schools to deliver a dictate that stipulates that all Children of The State will receive their education in a fair prescribed manner that shall may not be altered for any for reason.

Most people want to have no control over their own life. They want to be ruled at arms length by Politicians of Courage I know of not one single ordinary person that has the desire or ability to have any involvement in the running of their own life.

You can call me a statist centralist if you like. Go on. But I obviously understand people better than you.

Labour should impose a State of Courage. I do, of course, unashamedly state that my semenal book State of Courage should become mandatory reading. And only a Cowardly Politician would dare to disagree with me.

Labour has to be bold, but its main idea must not be to trust other people with power. If they do that then we might as well live in some sort of democracy. If the left is to be relevant is has to take power to achieve the unambiguous goal of hoarding power for The State.

That is what ordinary people want. They want to see The State impose its will on them, not the other way round! They won’t vote for a party who want to let ordinary people have their say on things like health, transport, education, law and order, and so on.

Labour has to get its narrative right, and The State must be at the heart of it. Without The State the little people will not be able to function. They will simply keel over and die without it.

Without The State, people are nothing. Labour should tell them that. There is no other option for the left.


6 thoughts on “Labour should impose a State of Courage

  1. May I take this opportunity to offer my congratulations for your recent 56th birthday. I know that Ivan Bollocks was hoping to deliver a card with his most tender best wishes in time for the day. Very soon you will be entitled to a tax-free lump sum from your pension, the contributions to which qualified for income tax relief at your highest marginal rates of tax – the very definition of tax compliance.

    Candidly, now the world has changed into a neo-liberal kleptocracy run for the benefit of the 1% who live in the most expensive houses in their areas, there is every good reason why your State of Courage is right to call for tax reliefs for future pension contributions to be abolished.

  2. Have I misunderstood the extract in the Guardian about the ‘old models of politics’? I thought that they were referring to Polly Toynbee? I assume she will be appointed to Chair the ‘Bureacrats & The Political Elites’ Panel to which you refer and which will surely be established before the forthcoming election.

  3. Can I enquire as to the state of courage viz-a-viz your wife? Obviously you understand people better than me but does your wife understand what you want to have for dinner better than you or do you (in a non elitist non patriarchal way) tell her what you are having for dinner?

  4. Wow. Fascinating viewpoint. I loved how you covered this matter….
    A few points I dont trust but hello… thats a new outlook.
    I am super-keen to study your next post. Can you make the next one more
    indepth? Thanks 🙂

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