Speaking truth to twitter

Last night I decided to speak great truth to the world through twitter. Here it is, for completely inexplicable reasons not in reverse order:


TwittertruthtopowerI think the logic of this truth speaks for itself and requires no further comment.*


*Obviously I will comment further explaining which neoliberal caused me to write these tweets and clarify why they have been making straw man arguments and why this is not a straw man argument and why I never ever make straw man arguments and why my research must be correct because everybody else has been brainwashed by neoliberalism. But that is because this self-justifying and stand-alone post will be taken out of context by selectively being quoted in its entirety as a sign of me making continual straw man arguments and being an intolerable egomaniac.


6 thoughts on “Speaking truth to twitter

  1. Murphy

    It’s fairly clear from your perspicacious analysis of the tax consensus problem that it is basically all the fault of neo-liberals, given the number of references in your tweets to them. Things would be easier for us on the left if we could identify who these people are. Maybe your Mark of Fair Tax idea could be extended to a Member of Civil Society Mark for those of us individuals who play a fair taxation game. Anyone not holding and producing on demand this Civil Society Mark would be assumed to be a neo-liberal and all public services would be denied to them?

  2. Murphy, did you ghost write the NAO’s Report today on the Cost of Tax Reliefs? If so, I think a neoliberal has edited out some of your comments. Surely everything is a tax relief (and an unnecessary one) which results in turnover, wealth (or potential wealth), proceeds from asset sales and imports (excluding Cuba, Venezuela & North Korea of course) being taxed at 100% (200% for US imports). If the correct amount of tax were then to be collected, libraries could buy sufficient copies of your book; I tried to borrow an extra dozen copies from our local library to read out at a dinner party is was hosting but the librarian gave me a strange look, and understandably so, as I assume there is a long waiting list for even one copy!

  3. You’ve sold out. I don’t want to make Capitalism more tolerable.
    I want people to be made to suffer under Capitalism so that the revolution comes sooner. Labour should massively increase the intrusive state so that people understand what it is like to live under Libertarianism.

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