Why don’t people love me?

Lots of people have been calling the Mark of Fair Tax nasty things like “a blatant attempt to cash in”, “opportunistic and greedy” and  “just a bit shit really”.

Well, now I know what it is like to be Marmite if most of the respected food scientists in the world universally declared that Marmite contained a considerable proportion of bovine excrement.

All I’m trying to do is make a lot of a little bit of money whilst making the world into a place that conforms to my ideal of a State of Courage. That is a place where The State can use its position of authority to dictate the morality of the ruling elite, the Politicians of Courage, to its unquestioning subjects.

Why don’t you love me for trying to impose a State of Courage?!? WHY?


2 thoughts on “Why don’t people love me?

  1. Murphy, for the ONLY TIME EVER, you are wrong! Lots of us repeat those famous words written by Dolly Parton “I…..I will always love YOUUUUUUU’ whilst thinking about the content of your latest blog or tweet.

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