The Mark of Fair Tax launches

Here is my post from earlier today on the new Mark of Fair Tax website.

The Mark of Fair Tax

This is the moment you have all been waiting for.

The Mark of Fair Tax is here.

The world is now officially a better place. It is a place where you can be the proud owner of a sticker that will ward off those nasty mobs that seem to crop up outside businesses which have been accused of tax avoiding.

I am talking about those mobs who don’t listen to reason or facts. Those mobs who show up even if the business in question has offered to pay an extraordinary amount of corporation tax that isn’t due in a futile attempt to show that they mean well.

Now, what would it cost to make those mobs go away?

Well, £10m to HMRC is not enough. But, you see, it is not how much you pay, but who you pay.

More often than not these mobs have heard the opinion of…

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One thought on “The Mark of Fair Tax launches

  1. Murphy

    You may not be aware, but your nemesis Richard Murphy has (this very day) stolen your idea and is actively promoting his own counterfeit Fair Tax Mark. We need you to stop his naked attempt to cash in on your own valuable intellectual property. Next he will be copying your country by country reporting idea and your brilliant Venn diagrams and unfathomable mind maps.
    I accept imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but he’s a simple thief – a base criminal, which is ironic given his references to tax evasion. He’s always shamelessly breaching copyright by publishing articles from other publications on his blog with spurious excuses like “I reproduce this here in full in the public interest”.
    Intellectual property theft is not the interest of Civil Society matey boy!

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