Tax is a human right

I have long argued that taxation is nothing less than a human right of The State. The logic of this is obvious.

Human rights are created by the law.

Tax is created by The State using the same process of law.

Therefore tax is a human right.

It is obvious when you think it through logically. Perhaps I will draw a Venn diagram illustrating this later.

But let us not ignore the implications of tax being a human right. It logically follows, so obviously that only a sophist would disagree, that ash individual’s human rights are dependent on having paid the right amount of tax.

So if you have paid the right amount of tax, The State probably won’t force you to forfeit your human rights. But if you have paid the wrong amount of tax, your human rights, which are predicated on having paid the right amount of tax, are invalidated.

Rather like cars needing to publicly display their road tax contribution, I believe that all human beings should be required to display a badge, issued by The State or a suitable NGO run by a suitably qualified tax expert, telling people that they have paid a fair amount of tax.

People without such badges will not be afforded the protection that the law provides for their human rights. So they will not be allowed to hold property, talk or behave freely, participate in a religion of their choosing, use public property or not be deprived of life.

Anybody who does not wear this “fair tax mark” may be, quite rightly, shot on site by State officials. And I would encourage Citizens of Courage to take the law into their own hands. After all, these payers of unfair tax have no right to human rights at all so you can run them over in the street.

Given that the person has no right to property, you would be entitled to remove whatever money or possessions you deem appropriate to compensate you for your effort and any damage done to your car.

Of course, I do not expect neoliberals to agree with me because they prefer to live in a society which encourages the abuse of human rights. I daresay I will have to delete their comments, often coming from stupid monikers, which typically suggest that I am somehow being illogical or playing fast and loose with the truth or, worse still, simply disagree with me.

That is clearly abusive behaviour that I, the Voice of Civil Society, shall not foster here.


6 thoughts on “Tax is a human right

  1. So true.

    “And I would encourage Citizens of Courage to take the law into their own hands.”

    I could not agree more … these arrogant avoiders (which is just their word for our word “evaders”) first have to comply with the “fair tax” law, otherwise they obviously aren not part of this community (=state).
    Therefore they have no rights at all, because everyone of us has to pax it`s entrance fee (=tax) to be able to actually have “rights” or even use the “court system”.

    Damn these neoliberals … so stupid and brainwashed. They should just pax their fair share and then come to one of your seminars/speeches, Muphy.

    All the best,

  2. I understand there are a number of French industrialists and actors who are currently abusing the rights of the French State – l’Etat c’est Ricard, non? Francois Hollande, that well know courageous defender of the Rights of masn, or a Man’s Rights if you will, is acting to prevent these – Bravo Francois

  3. Frankly, this post is long overdue, just ask any true member of civil society.

    Murphy, no doubt, and rightfully so, your reach is far greater than we the ears of civil society. You may try reaching out to a chap by the name of Hugo Boss. Hugo, I am told, has some experience in designing just the type of uniforms you describe, and we all seek, please note, for the Citizens of Courage.

    We must raise the flag on high ……… for tax justice!

  4. What is going on with your alter ego “Richard Muprhy” ?
    Today, he posted a “declaration” concering human rights and tax ….. so ridiculous. An “Economist” inventing an writing laws and declarations. This guy is completely out of control.
    Does he really think that someone outside his own crowd listens to what is saying ?

    • David

      Richard Murphy is one of the heads of the multi-headed hydra of neoliberalism that tries to discredit me daily

      His sole purpose is to destroy the credibility of the Justice for Taxes movement

      But, don’t worry, I know who many of their agents are and I will stop them commenting here


      • Murphy have you noticed how Richard Murphy brooks no criticism of his neo-liberal views on his blog? Every time a reasonable comment is made by a caring member of Civil Society trying to speak truth to power, he is abusive to them and deletes the comment.

        So typical of right-wing fascist Tories, the Richard Murphys of this world don’t like it up em do they?

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