A loud word to the trolls

As is necessary every once in a while, I am writing a post to tell you how I have to delete thousands of comments every day from people who abuse me by asking me to justify statements or verify the reliability of assertions that I have made to the public through this blog.

I have been told by my wife that the trolls just want to receive confirmation that they have annoyed me, so such a post would be counter-productive. She also told me that I would be “behaving like a petty-minded tinpot dictator”.

But my wife is wrong. It is far more important to ensure that trolls know that I have both read, and been annoyed by, their comments. It is also important to my status as Editor-in-chief of Researches for Taxes UK Publishing Ltd that I talk at length about my power, nay, my fundamental human right and duty, to delete comments on this blog as I see fit.

You see, as the voice of Civil Society, my purpose is to speak on behalf of Civil Society.

My purpose is not to listen to Civil Society. That is your purpose as a reader of this blog. You see, you are Civil Society’s ears.

That is an important job. It isn’t as important as the voice’s job, true, but it makes the voice’s job much harder if the ears don’t pay attention.

Imagine what a mess Civil Society would be in if its mouth listened to its ears rather than the other way around.

All I need from you is a simple acknowledgment that you have read a post and accept it as truth. Any more than that is a waste of my time and therefore trolling.

A State of Courage would not tolerate its public pronouncements being examined in this way, so neither shall I.


One thought on “A loud word to the trolls

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