The 1% live in a different world which I do not want you to think subsidises ours

The government has issued new statistics today on the incomes of people in the UK  before and after tax split into single percentage point bands.

Here is a graph which shows that the 1% really live in a different world to us.

Look at the rich who pay nothing
So, there we go. The people with the largest incomes have the largest incomes, as this graph clearly shows. It does go up pretty sharpish.

Of course, I want you to look at the top end of the graph. And pay no attention to that green line that sharply rises showing that the overall rate of tax sharply rises at the higher rate band.

Besides, a surprising number in that top 1% are civil servants, so it isn’t like their tax is going anywhere, is it? No. The fact they pay proportionally more is completely irrelevant.

If you do happen to look at the left hand side you should NOT consider how little income tax is paid by those even on incomes even as high as £60k. I am sure that their tax is still a huge proportion of their income, once you account for their drinking and gambling problems or drug habits which are caused by the oppressive neoliberal regime.

Benefits are, quite rightly, not included in this graph as negative taxes. And I am sure it would not show a very different skewing of actual take home incomes after intervention by The State in that left hand of the graph.

Benefits are inalienable human rights and shouldn’t be considered in conjunction with taxation unless we are talking about withdrawal of tax credits or something because that really helps emphasise the point I want to make about the rate of tax on the poor.

I also do not want you to look at the data and see how the lower percentiles’ proportion of earnings taken by income tax has dramatically reduced over the past few years.

Do not go and look at that. Look at the graph I’ve drawn. But not the green line.


3 thoughts on “The 1% live in a different world which I do not want you to think subsidises ours

  1. Murphy
    This graph is just screaming TAX GAP to me! It’s an absolute scandal how much income is received by the 1%, and even the top 10%. We really need punitive income tax rates to extract more tax from them.
    However, would you agree with me that a small group of people should be exempt from the punitive income taxes, such as GPs, trade union officials and advisers to trade unions? Compassionate members of Civil Society recognise these to be dedicated people who need special incentives to continue their work to implement a State of Courage where high income and employer paid accommodation is not a motivating factor in career choice?

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