The official expert of choice for intellectual newspapers

It is always nice to be recognised as the tax expert that I am. And to be recognised by Alun Rusbridger, the Guardian’s editor as “the expert” on tax matters is about the bare minimum of recognition I deserve.

Alun, who must surely now be considering giving me a column in gratitude for having proved beyond doubt that the Guardian is behaving in a completely non-hypocritical manner, obviously read my post from yesterday and agreed with everything therein.


I remind you that Alun is an editor of a national newspaper and wouldn’t openly agree with an article without reading it fully first – I doubt very much that he only read the first sentence and liked my conclusion so much he just assumed everything I had written was correct.

Can you imagine what a newspaper would be like if its editor didn’t bother checking all the facts properly before it published stories on a subject? Especially on something as complicated on taxation.

I imagine that, if someone were to behave in this manner, it would be easy to mistake a flagrantly tendentious prevaricator on tax issues with a universally-recognised and nonpartisan expert such as myself.

It is good to know that the media is covering the issue of taxation with such care.


6 thoughts on “The official expert of choice for intellectual newspapers

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  2. I am very concerned. I looked for the recommendation by Mr Rusbridger in order to share it more widely, so that others could be aware of your genius, and your new status as the go-to tax expert for serious newspapers and their editors. But it does not seem to be listed under Mr Rusbridger’s recent tweets. It this an ad hominem attack by neoliberal tax avoiding social networking organisations, determined to bring down the genius that is Murphy Richards? Why has the tweet been removed? Civil Society should be told.

  3. An august organ such as the Manchester Guardian can always be relied upon to speak truth to power. And to carefully research its sources in meticulous detail and consider the repercussions of its actions before publication such as in the case of the Edward Snowden leaks.

    Candidly, the same could not be expected from the likes of the Daily Mail, whose only interest is in circulation numbers and sound-bite headlines. Its readers and journalists are all superficial, rabid, xenophobic tax avoiders. I remember Murphy you had an unpleasant experience on the Moral Maze on Radio 4 when that harridan Mail hack Melanie Phillips grilled you most aggressively on inheritance tax?

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