Simon Jenkins is an irritating man (not an ad hominem character assassination at all)

Simon Jenkins is an immensely irritating man.

As I have said before on this blog, there are occasions when he writes quite profoundly in the Guardian and offers genuine insights that are of value. And there are days, often it has to be said when he writes about economics about which he appears to have considerable prejudice and little practical knowledge, when what he has to say offers nothing akin to insight at all.

Today’s article by him in the Guardian falls well and truly into the second category. I think the flaws are self apparent to all my regular readers who have successfully divested themselves of the ability to listen to alternate opinions.

It should also be self apparent that this post is not an ad hominem attack on Simon Jenkins.

I am simply criticising Simon Jenkins, the man, for being irritating and recommending you ignore everything he says as self-evidently prejudiced and wrong rather than addressing any of the points he has actually raised.


One thought on “Simon Jenkins is an irritating man (not an ad hominem character assassination at all)

  1. Murphy, there are many people who seem to have no qualms pontificating about subjects in which they have no expertise. I know of one joker who claims number 1 spot in UK economics and tax blogs, despite having NO economics or tax qualifications AT ALL.

    For example: I ,as a Quaker (lapsed), then CoE (lapsed), now Quaker again, find it appalling that Richard Dawkins (who seems to have no religious training at all) is allowed to spout his frankly heretical views that the baby Jesus did not exist.

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