Venn diagrams for our times: Boris Johnson

If you say that you don’t understand this Venn diagram then you really are a neoliberal pedant!

VDFOT cornflakes


7 thoughts on “Venn diagrams for our times: Boris Johnson

  1. I think I get this.

    Boris likes eating cornflakes, but not all. He also likes eating not cornflakes, but not all. I’m assuming for example that Petronella Wyatt falls into the not cornflakes that he likes eating, and David Cameron into the not cornflakes that he doesn’t like eating?

    • That is correct though I had not intended to logically prove that point

      Venn diagrams provide ambiguous unspecific illogical insinuations because they are logically unambiguous and specific in their conclusions

      They are literally excretions of reality

      That is why my Venn diagrams have proved so popular

  2. Having stared at this Venn diagram for the past several hours, I have invoked point #3, I have not thought for myself and must ask: What do we call the small intersection of all three circles?

  3. There is a beautiful symmetry about this Venn diagram. It is almost as if the designer was a model train enthusiast who set out three converging circle lines with a station hub intersection at the centre.

    • Agreed

      The world with me in it is infinitely better than a world without me in it

      Unfortunately, I have had to moderate your comment to remove the link advertising a satirical novel. I could not run the legal risk of someone thinking I endorsed such nonsense as fact

      Instead, I have inserted a link to the picture of my book upon which said satirical novel is based

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