‘There are two types of people’ sayings for our times

There are only two types of people:

Those who understand my Venn diagrams and those who do not.

And then there are are other people too.

There are people who neither understand my Venn diagrams nor not understand my Venn diagrams.

It therefore follows that there are people who understand my Venn diagrams and do not understand my Venn diagrams.

Neoliberal pedants will argue that I am wrong and there are either four types of people or only the first two types exist.

But they are wrong. Only two types of people exist and all four types exist.


5 thoughts on “‘There are two types of people’ sayings for our times

  1. Murphy I am a person who understand your Venn diagrams, but at the same time does not understand them. That makes me a person who understands them and also means that I cannot be a Neo-liberal.

    I was worried today by a Venn diagram which I must admit I could not grasp. It was on a tax blog and was on the subject of cornflakes and boxes of them. I could not understand the connection between cornflakes and tax, nor indeed the references to top and bottom cornflakes.
    Perhaps Murphy you could assist here – I always find your diagrams so lucid – and I’m wondering if the fact that I could not understand this cornflakes business means that I am a Neo-liberal?

  2. Like all of us, I spent yesterday in repose and deep ponderment regarding this post from Murphy. This time was not spent attempting to glean meaning (at my age I have learned to receive accepted wisdom without much fuss), but in memorising the passage. As a caring family man, I included my small children in this memory exercise. Instead of the normal three hour walks discussing Veblen goods, I drove the entire lot out in the country and let them know in no uncertain terms we would not be leaving until the above post was committed to memory by all. Six hours later we made the return trip, armed with knowledge.

    Knowing that prudence is the excuse for inaction of the defender of the status quo, I left the children at home and immediately set out for my local. Inside there were eight souls waiting to be wow’d with a healthy dose of my own brand of truth to power. Aware that approaching groups of people can be difficult in terms of dispensing truth (there is always some neoliberal waiting to pounce on some pedantic point, such as facts), I quietly (and thoughtfully) i decided to approach each patron one by one. After reciting the liturgy of “two types of people, sometimes four”, I received a tap on my shoulder. Knowing this must be another patron who had heard, and was eager to accept the knowledge being dispensed, I spun around confident in another convert. It was the pub owner. Words cannot describe this, obviously, neoliberal beast who bounced me out of the pub on the crass pretense that I was disturbing ‘his’ patrons. Upon collecting myself on the street, I shouted back into the pub:

    “There are only two types of people:

    Those who understand my Venn diagrams and those who do not.

    And then there are are other people too…….”

    Power has been put on notice by truth.

    • WT- One can only hope in this season for people to get the bigger picture.
      My own Christian beliefs require me to criticise those whose only god is mammon, but to forgive them also. Ultimately there are higher satisfactions, such as sitting round the fire with family in fetching pastel shade cardigans (we don’t light the fire out of green sensitivities) and instead of watching TV promoting consumer rubbish, running model trains round the home office (actually a spare room not exclusively set over to business use).

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