‘Why did the clown cross the road’ jokes for our times

Why did the clown cross the road?

To get to the other side where he can be taxed accordingly.*




*Ignore this answer if the clown is Ronald McDonald. He is the intellectual property of McDonald’s and therefore an intangible asset of a multinational group. Just pretend he doesn’t exist.


10 thoughts on “‘Why did the clown cross the road’ jokes for our times

  1. Does he actually have to BE Ronald MacDonald, or is it sufficient that he dresses identically and says his name is Ronald MacDonald. I am thinking of offering classes to those wishing to be identified as said person, and seeking advice on how this might be achieved.

  2. If Ronald McDonald is an intangible how come I have a photograph of him? So I say tax him. Photography is the true test of whether something is tangible or not. You can’t photograph a company.

  3. It is absolutely clear from Mallalieu v Drummond that no income tax deduction can be claimed by Ronald on his costume, it therefore makes no difference which side of the road he is on.

    This would not be the case if he were crossing the road from N Ireland to Eire, which is a heinous tax haven. If trying to cross there, we need the border guards to take him out.

      • If the chicken is also involved in a cross border transaction, I suspect possible non arm’s length arrangements designed to avoid taxation payable in the place where it is properly due and payable. No doubt some unethical accountants, bankers and lawyers were involved in giving them advice.

        The Country by Country reporting proposals which were solely invented by Murphy Richards would stamp these abusive practices out.

      • Could we ban chickens? Abusive or otherwise.

        Or maybe just get rid of the whole “grass is always greener” ethos sold to us via neoliberal marketing campaigns, and ban crossing the street altogether?

      • I do not advocate a ban on chickens

        Instead, my TITCRAB includes provisions which mean that the beneficial ownership of Chickens will need to be registered with HMRC

        If, neoliberally, they do not register their chicken, the chicken will be confiscated by The State

  4. It seems to me that the activity of crossing the road is the sort of activity undertaken only by neo-liberals, presumably for abusive reasons, and seeking state subsidies as they go across. It’s not the type of thing that ordinary people do – they’re too busy trying to pay their exorbitant power bills.

    I would expect HMRC to subject these activities to attack under the GAAR, but I won’t hold my breath given the make-up of the advisory panel.

    • There may be occasions that crossing the road is required

      Margaret Hodge, the Guardian newspaper, Unite, Ken Livingstone, Stemcor, Ed Miliband and the Labour Party have all crossed the road on occasion

      However, I do believe this to be a problem with town planning laws allowing a road to be laid in an unfair location

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