How you can help Justice for Taxes – a recap of my speech yesterday

I was asked by literally millions of people yesterday, “Murphy, you are such an amazing tax expert that you have inspired me. How can I help the Justice for Taxes movement”?

Obviously, this is not the first time I have been asked this question. And my answer is still the same. You could buy my books, as I have previously suggested. And, of course, I am quite happy to accept donations from anybody who has already purchased all my books.

But yesterday I also talked about the importance of story-telling. The need to create a simple narrative so that stupid people can try to understand what leading intellectuals, such as myself, are telling them without having to run the risk of arriving at the wrong answer by thinking for themselves.

I spent all of yesterday telling people “don’t worry about the technicalities, you’ll just confuse yourself”. I believe that is the most important piece of advice for everybody involved in the Justice for Taxes movement. A deep understanding of the facts is only useful to clever people like me.

I’ll say it again: don’t worry about the technicalities, you’ll just confuse yourself.

So point 1 is buy my books. Point 2 is wherever possible stick to the nice simple story I have given you: multinational corporations only do something if it avoids tax, so anything they do is bound to be tax avoidance.

Point 3 is don’t think for yourself.

When confronted with somebody who does not acknowledge the logic of the story from point 2, it is a certainty that you are dealing with a neoliberal. In this case, remember point 3. And point 3 says don’t think for yourself.

Any onlookers will like the story from point 2 so just keep reiterating that.

Finally, if all else fails, remember the golden rule: point 4. That is, ask yourself “What would Murphy Richards do?”

Of course, Murphy Richards would have the expertise and intellectual capacity to embarrass the neoliberal, perhaps with reference to a Venn diagram if he were in a whimsical mood.

But you do not have the expertise or intellectual capacity and Murphy Richards would recognise that. In such a situation, with Murphy Richards inhabiting your body rather like Sam from Quantum Leap (with the Swiss cheese brain effect, unfortunately), he would rely on the teachings of Murphy Richards. He would:

  1. ensure he had purchased Murphy Richard’s books
  2. stick to his story
  3. not think for himself, and, finally
  4. think “what would Murphy Richards do?”

Murphy Richards would recognise, despite mental impairment, that his arrival at point 4 for a second time was some sort of circular argument and must be the product of some sort of sophistry. Murphy Richards would therefore recognise he was dealing with a neoliberal sophist and Murphy Richards would say so.

I am currently having some WWMRD bracelets manufactured in Ireland which will be available to buy off Amazon in the near future. In the meantime, perhaps have this acronym tattooed on your fingers (you’ll have to include your thumb). But, if you have the mental capacity to do so, remember:

Buy my books.

Stick to your story.

Don’t think.

But if, heaven forbid, you do have to think, think “what would Murphy Richards do?”


6 thoughts on “How you can help Justice for Taxes – a recap of my speech yesterday

  1. I think you should start a cult Murphy. Did you know that Churches don’t pay tax because they are apparently “charitable”. The “Church of Justice for Taxes” sounds pretty good. Or am I thinking for my self again. WWMRD?

    • In fact it’s worse than that OO.

      First people making donations to charities get various personal tax reliefs. Second, charities don’t pay tax on their income and gains.

      To me that looks like there is double non-taxation, so charities are in fact contributing to the £5 trillion tax gap in this country by a factor of 2!!
      Why has nobody spotted this before and why have HMRC not done anything about it?
      It’s appalling that the charitable sector has been allowed to exert its own corporate capture of HMRC.
      Murphy, perhaps this warrants a special report from you, or if one could dare to hope, a further book available from a number of convenient online offshore sites?

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  3. Surely you missed one point:

    5. No one honestly disagrees with Murphy Richard. They are either
    a. in the pay of neo-Liberals
    b. a Neo-Liberal
    c. stupid
    Or all three.

    Except now I think about it point b and c are identical so they can be combined

    5. No one honestly disagrees with Murphy Richard. They are either
    a. in the pay of neo-Liberals
    b. a stupid Neo-Liberal
    Or all two.

    Except now I think about it I’m pointing out something you should have thought of by yourself. An error of omission by Murphy Richard.

    By my logic this makes me wrong

    Ignore this comment

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