The bank I have recommended to everybody is a total mess. Deal with it.

I’m angry that the Co-op group is in a mess.

Co-op good with money

As somebody who has advised them on many issues I have been let down.

As a customer of the bank they’ve failed me. Not in any real financial sense, of course, I’m thankfully not a bondholder!

As somebody who has recommended the bank as a model of a business which didn’t need bailing out, the Co-op has embarrassed me by needing to be bailed out.

As somebody who has praised the bank for being run by trustworthy individuals who were singularly qualified to run a bank due to their lack of knowledge of banking, the Co-op has shown me up by using individuals who were singularly unqualified to run a bank due to their lack of knowledge of banking.

I am annoyed that a single individual who obviously was operating in area outside of his area of expertise can be allowed to do so much harm by being such an influence on the Co-op and the Labour Party and the unions.

The lesson is a simple one: sticking to areas of competence is vital.
That’s the lesson here. So now I’m going to move on completely and carry on blogging about tax and law.

I think I will perhaps write another piece on how the GAAR panel should be completely made up of non-tax experts.


5 thoughts on “The bank I have recommended to everybody is a total mess. Deal with it.

  1. Quite frankly, this piece is equal parts compelling, profound and a searing indictment of neoliberal dogma (as well as sophistry). Candidly, I am compelled, profounded and seared.

    This post definitively draws a line under this whole (alleged) affair.

  2. I smell a rat here.

    It’s suspicious to me that the allegations (for let’s not forget that’s all they are) against Mr Flowers surfaced at precisely the time that Ed Miliband had established a substantial lead over David Cameron in the opinion polls.

    It wouldn’t surprise me at all if the drugs were entrapment by a dirty tricks fascist Rottweiler employed by Paul Dacre and the rent-boy what I believe to be known as a “wet-operative”, although I have no experience of these matters myself you understand.
    Candidly, one would need to be rather gullible not to suspect the work of Neo-liberal fifth columnists opposed to organised religion, socialism and competition for the big banks.

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