My views on the Paul Flowers and the Co-op bank … hang on, what’s that over there?

The Telegraph has reported:

David Cameron has said that Labour “knew” about the past of Paul Flowers, the disgraced Co-op bank chief, as he raised the possibility of an official inquiry into how the drug abuser came to run a major financial organisation.

The Prime Minister suggested that Ed Miliband’s party was aware of concerns about Mr Flowers, a Methodist minister, but did “nothing” and did not raise any concerns about his conduct with the authorities.

Mr Cameron criticised Labour’s decision to continue to accept donations from the Co-op and invite Mr Flowers’ to Downing Street.

I find this extraordinary. I mean, it’s not like we’re bothered about whether members of the last Government turned a blind eye for political reasons. We’re even less interested if it happens to be the Leader of the Opposition or maybe the Shadow Chancellor.

Yes, Paul Flowers has clearly failed in almost every respect. But he’s clearly a bit upset about it so we probably ought not dwell on it.

And it’s all in the past now anyway so let’s draw a line under it shall we?

So, Barclays, eh? They used to support apartheid. Let’s discuss that.


One thought on “My views on the Paul Flowers and the Co-op bank … hang on, what’s that over there?

  1. Let’s be clear, there is the presumption of innocence for all citizens.

    We should not be making rash decisions regarding the Rt. Rev. Flowers until all the facts are in.

    How do we know the Rt. Rev. Flowers was merely not using coded language in the alleged references to ket, coke, GHB and rent boy frolics? In discussing this matter with polite society, we discovered all of us are using such code words to discuss other matters. Ket = environmental concerns/New Green Deal; Coke = secrecy jurisdictions; GHB = tax avoidance; Rent boy frolics = neoliberal sophistry.

    With all the phone hacking taking place, the use of coded language is necessary. For all we know, there are perfectly innocent reasons for the Rt. Rev. Flowers using the language he did.

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