Speaking truth to power at the OECD and then ignoring power by playing on my laptop

I am well aware that many people find that my blogging on country-by-country reporting a little repetitive. That’s mainly because I’m determined to make sure people think that it was my idea and not something I pinched off the reporting for extractive industries.

The other day, I can’t remember which, I am so tirelessly expertising on taxation, I was doing that at the OECD on behalf of civil society.

Yes, that is right, I was the only person in the room  from civil society. Business is no part of civil society, though civil society is entirely dependent on business unfortunately, but it must listen to civil society for which I always speak.

So it was very rude of the people in the room to express their own opinions of how we might improve the current system rather than listening to civil society’s demands (ie my demands) of why we should ditch the current system and use civil society’s proposal (ie my proposal).

So after listening for an hour civil society opened its mouth (ie I opened my mouth) and pointed out that 99.9% of the world’s population would not think this issue a priority in world taxation.

Civil society thought (ie I thought) that we should be just taking about how great country by country reporting is.

Somebody then pointed out to me that if one in a thousand people thought it was an issue, that was probably more than the proportion of the world who actually understand how world taxation works and it might be worth listening to them instead.

Also, an obvious neoliberal rudely commented to civil society (ie me, I think you get the idea now) that 99.9% of people don’t care how the tax system works, just that it does, and that’s what they were working on.

Civil society was not impressed with this response. So civil society decided to ignore the rest of the meeting and play on the internet instead.


3 thoughts on “Speaking truth to power at the OECD and then ignoring power by playing on my laptop

  1. As a fellow member of civil-society (ie. me and my mates) I can only applaud your powerful response to the neo-liberal echo chambre encountered in Paris yesterday.

    Recently, civil-society (IBID) decided to call-out one of the most odious neo-liberal sophistry merchants (he whose name shall not be spoken – http://www.timworstall.com) and invite him to account for his continuing abuse of civil-society (IBID). Through this invitation we planned to bring low this merchant of hate by exposing him as a charlatan when he, as all neo-liberal sophists do, cowardly declined the invitation to explain himself. Lo and behold this enemy of civil-society (IBID) had the unmitigated gall to accept our invitation to appear. We immediately caught onto the abuse this sophist intended to unleash on both civil-society (IBID) and polite society (ie. also me and my mates). Unwilling to give this charlatan a platform to spew his invective, and thus require civil-society, and polite society (IBID)(IBID) to engage in a pointless debate [there is none, civil-society (IBID) and polite society (IBID) have already pondered and deigned on the issues of the greatest importance to the 99.9% of humanity (as defined by civil-society (IBID) and polite society (IBID) at innumerable conferences and symposia (ie. meetings of me and my mates)].

    Conferences and symposia (IBID), I should note, fully-funded and meeting the terms of reference of various grant agreements divined to civil-society (IBID) ……. as well as polite society (IBID).

    Candidly, and parenthetically, civil-society (IBID) is currently re-defining “99.9%” so as to include more members of the caring-nurturing class (ie. again, me and my mates). As it stands today, a strict, and therefore neo-liberal, definition of “99.9%” excludes most members of civil-society (IBID), especially those with fully-funded and signed grant agreements. Let’s be clear, the caring-nurturing class is a vital component of the 99.9%. Henceforth, the 99.9% shall be known as the 99.94%. Civil-society (IBID) and polite society (IBID) will be demanding such at our next conference/symposia (IBID ……. and by invite only you ungrateful bastards!)

    Personal message to @Murphy, not to be read by others, especially you neo-liberal filth. @Murphy we can take solace in that we, like Jesus, are castigated for throwing our precious pearls before this lot of swine. On a side note, unlike Jesus, we have the benefit of having fully-funded and signed grant agreements. Of course, when I say “we” I mean civil-society (IBID).

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