Ernst & Young have objected to me tweeting this morning from the OECD

In between playing solitaire and writing posts on my blog, I have been tweeting my observations from the OECD Public Consultation on Transfer Pricing Matters today.

I don’t really care what anybody else has to say, so when I am not speaking I like to not listen to other people and focus on promoting my opinions instead.

I am speaking on behalf of civil society, not all these other people who appear, somewhat conveniently, to have taken an interest in this matter. So when I have finished speaking, they should really be talking about what I have just said, not talking about all these stupid practicalities of how we can implement various proposals.

Ernst & Young appear to want me to listen to what the delegates have got say rather than focusing on tweeting my objections.

I bet it was a woman who said that. They’re always spouting off about how men cannot multi-task.

Besides, I don’t need to pay attention whilst I’m sitting in a room full of brainwashed neoliberals. I know what they’re going to say. They’re just going to spout the usual sophistry.

Right, civil society has been silent in this room for long enough now. I’ll see if I can get these evil corporations to listen to me.


One thought on “Ernst & Young have objected to me tweeting this morning from the OECD

  1. I want to say thanks for the service you provided and go suck it to Ernst & Young.
    I’m sure many others, like me, appreciated the ability to understand what was being discussed in small bit-sized chunks rather than have to wade through speeches from what is basically a cabal of neo-liberals, many of whom are also probably members of the Bilderberg Group, intent on imposing austerity on people like me who rely on benefits to support my 11 kids, 4 Great Danes and myself.
    These sharp summaries point out the important issues to me, which I will take up with the manager of my local Tesco Metro when I do my weekly shop. Tesco’s tax avoidance is undoubtedly going to increase the cost of my Panettonnes this Xmas.
    Any chance of an autographed copy of your book, the Carnage of the State?

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