Why you won’t see me gushing over Russell Brand

You will have noticed that many left-wing commentators have been falling over themselves to talk about Russell Brand’s recent musings on Newsnight and in the New Statesman. The reason for this sycophancy is, I imagine, that they think that this will improve their search engine optimisation and help convey their dusty ideas to a younger, more fragile, audience.

I do not blame them for pandering to the latest media fad, but I shall not join them because I am sure it is unnecessary. Russell (I will be familiar as I am certain he reads my blog) is undoubtedly issuing a call to arms to adopt the new philosophy I outline in my book State of Courage.

Any of you who have read my semenal book will notice the parallels between the new way of thinking that I outline and Russell’s list of things he doesn’t like about the world. If you haven’t read it, you can buy it off Amazon. State of Courage, buy Murphy Richards.

You see, Russell and I are kindred spirits in many respects. Both of us have been subject to the cruel neoliberal misanthropy perpetuated by the female hegemony which dominates this world. We have both been denied our rightful airtime on the BBC because of our ability to speak truth to power (in my case I spoke out to the neoliberal elites, in Russell’s case it was Andrew Sachs).

We both resent our materially wealthy lives, wishing that somebody would come along and redistribute our wealth more evenly among society.

Of course, both of us are intelligent enough to understand that if we were to just give our wealth away to poor people without reform it would end up in the pockets of the neoliberal elite anyway. They’d just fritter it away on tat or booze and fags, gifting more money to the evil corporations.

That’s why I only give money to charities who don’t actually give money to the people who need it, instead gifting money to activists who campaign for political change under the guise of charity status.

And it beats making a donation to a political party because I can claim gift relief on it.

So I shall not be giving Russell any more space on the internet. He doesn’t need it and I think that hearing me agree with him might candidly go to his head.

And that is why I will not be discussing Russell Brand at length on this blog. But whenever you see him, you should probably think about reading State of Courage.


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