Comments – yet again you force me to delete your idiotic drivel

Dear right wing trolls, neoliberals and sophists of all ilk,

I am very generous in allowing any of you to comment on my blog. I am very generous indeed.

But many of you are abusing that generosity by posting comments that are clearly neoliberal or full of sophistry.

Rather than ignoring the comments or allowing them through without acting upon my compulsive need to have the last word, the time for action has come. It is time for yet another hissy fit reminding people what a petty and obnoxious little control freak I am.

Comments made on this blog should constructively support my arguments. I will not allow comments that suggest I am incompetent or wrong in any way, no matter how factually accurate they are.

Read my comments policy before you post anything here.

I also suggest you read my books. In fact, only people who first email me a verified receipt for one of my books are now allowed to comment here.

Piss off you horrible trolls.


9 thoughts on “Comments – yet again you force me to delete your idiotic drivel

  1. Murphy, as per usual you are completely correct. I for one cannot bear to read comments that suggest alternative view points and it infringes on my human rights to see them here which is the last place I expect to see them.

    Personally, I think you should consider changing your moderation policy to allow you to improve comments so that they meet your required standards.

  2. I think opposing views are the enemy of democracy. How can it be democratic to consider alternative points of view and then weighing up balancing public interests when making policy decisions. So thank you for doing your bit to improve public discourse by ensuring that all comments remains strictly on message. That way democracy will be much clearer and everything will be doubleplusgood

  3. Let’s be clear, enforcement of this policy is long overdue. In my voluminous correspondence with thoughtful and caring members of civil-society, there is complete agreement against not only the need for comments but the very comments themselves. What I, and others, offer up to the masses in the pages of the Guardian, and elsewhere, is the very essence and spirit of social democratic thought. As these thoughts and ideas come from the furrows of our brows, brows which are considered expert in absolutely every walk of life, what is the need for some neo-liberal troll to chime in and nit-pick thoughts and ideas which have taken a lifetime to amass. If I write, candidly so, on the dangers of nuclear energy taking place on these shores, it is the culmination of a lifetime of experience using electricity, turning on light switches, replacing batteries, etc, if this does not imbue me, along with a proper social democratic context through which to frame the debate, a certain knack if you will in reaching, and caring, about the common man, then any imbuation of others is impossible. If I cannot grasp and explain the situation properly, there is no other, non-neo-liberal, as such, disqualified, individual who can do so, the facts prove this.

    Besides, all of the nuclear-related funding is taken, this, if nothing else, candidly, calls for an equal and complete funding stream from government, nothing more, nothing less, dedicated to what civil-society, thus demonstrably correct, calls a New Green Deal

  4. As someone who will be away from my computer over the week end, is there a way I can pre-agree with any posts you may post while I am away?

  5. Just returned from Davos, where i had a nice chat with one of the Oxfam guys about tax avoidance and how it is destroying our lifes. Unfortunately, i also saw some people from the Big4 … how i hate these guys and their pinstripe mafia. They also had a better table then me, so unfair.
    They were talking very kindly about you Muphy, so you must have made a real impression on them (Oxfam).
    all the best

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