We need an economics of the warm and friendly hug from The State

Aditya Chakrabortty has written a profound and compelling article for the Guardian which rightfully blames the death of a girl on neoliberalism.

Now, nobody wants to score cheap and distasteful points over sensitive issues such as tragic deaths, but it is completely right and appropriate that we start associating the blame for this death with Jeremy Hunt, despite the fact that the death occurred in 2003.

In much the same way, Polly Toynbee was right to associate the blame for two horrific deaths with the Coalition, despite both occurring prior to the general election in 2010.

The Guardian is rather excellently putting in everybody’s mind the thought that without some sort of intervention from The State you might as well curl up in a ball and die in front of your ridiculously over-sized new Apple TV (a sign of the evil influence of neoliberalism if ever I saw one).

Here is Aditya’s excellent conflation of hegemony of economics and a completely topical and appropriate human interest story.

The flipside of economic individualism is loneliness. And as that model has been exported around the world, even traditionally family-centred cultures have started to crumble.

He’s obviously talking about neoliberalism, the economics of the self.

But so many crave the economics of the warm and friendly hug that neoliberalism seems so intent on denying them. The State of Courage would provide that lovely hug in the form of An Economics of Courage.

That’s the Economics that recognises a person’s worth, and not their cost. And The State recognises a person’s worth by counting all the benefits of their worth as it removes them and gives it to others.

It’s also the Economics that demands that we live in the community that The State deems most appropriate. Individuals should never be allowed to make choices for themselves because they invariably make the wrong choices.

So, the Economics of the warm and friendly hug says we live, work, socialise and ultimately survive in the community that The State demands.

The world needs economics built on care for others. Even if that care is forced upon them regardless of reciprocation or consent.

In fact, the greater the rejection of The State, the greater the need for that person, and all their assets, to be put in the care of The State. And a State of Courage would have the Courage to force that care upon them.

It’s as profound as that.


2 thoughts on “We need an economics of the warm and friendly hug from The State

  1. I for one am glad that you have blogged about the rumoured launch of a 65″ Apple TV, despite the rumour having been repeated and proved incorrect countless times over the past four years and there being no likelihood that Apple would ever wish to enter this unprofitable market space.

    However, if and when this Tv is released I shall be purchasing three to dot around my house so that I need never miss your enlightening appearances on newsnight ever again.

  2. Let’s be clear, while the death of any individual prior to 2010 cannot be laid on the doorstep of the Coalition, it should not deter those of us who, rightly in my estimation, choose to lay these corpses there. To act and say otherwise is a betrayal of social justice, the terms of my grant and, candidly, is nothing more than paying homage to neoliberal sophistry.

    It may not be true, but it should be!

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