Another day, another tax abuse story. This time it is not Unite

As City AM reports this morning that The Times claimed that:

Unite has itself been handed a £2.3m unpaid tax bill after HMRC decided the union had calculated its VAT contributions in a “grossly unfair and unreasonable” manner.

So let’s not talk about that and talk about Alliance Boots instead, shall we?

Boots is a massive employer in the East Midlands, investing heavily in research and development in their Nottingham headquarters. It has also received huge investment from its overseas owners in the past few years which means that they are making payments of interest which whilst completely legal (complying with transfer pricing rules, thin capitalisation rules, world wide debt cap rules and so on) are most certainly completely immoral and therefore completely illegal, despite not actually being illegal.

As a result, it is not making profits in the UK and we should focus on that and have a good grumble.

So, everyone understand ?

Investment and jobs = less corporation tax = bad

Quite large VAT malpractice = nothing to see here


3 thoughts on “Another day, another tax abuse story. This time it is not Unite

  1. I cant help but notice that my earlier comment on this story has not yet appeared.

    Are you too busy travelling, talking to journalists, signing your book or giving speeches to apply your moderation policy, in which case I bow at your knees and pray you enlighten us further.

    Or did you take umbrage with the one element of my comment where we marginally disagree and saved your compulsion to respond with a five word aggressive statement questioning my intellect without providing any reasoning as to why you disagree with me by deleting my comment and banning me from your blog?

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