The Guardian infringes the world’s greatest tax expert’s freedom of speech

Many will have noticed that I am not being quoted in the Guardian as much nowadays. Apparently, there have been “some” “concerns” over the “reliability” of my “work”. Nonetheless, I still make some time to make comments on pieces of interest to me.

Whilst my initial comment has received widespread approval from their readership, many of my other comments have been deleted. After reading the Guardian’s moderation policy, I have determined that this is to do with instances where I have pointed out to others the logical conclusions of their own comments.

Unfortunately, moderators have deemed that I have contravened this particular policy:

personal attacks (on authors, other users or any individual), persistent trolling and mindless abuse will not be tolerated

I have pointed out on the comments section that I was courteous in my manner of pointing out that the individual was clearly making some sort of ad hominem attack on me and, quite factually, a neoliberal troll.

I am certain when I say that none of my readers would consider that I was being any less polite or respectful than I always am to any of the comments I receive on this blog.

As such, I am forced to deduce, incontrovertibly, that the Guardian moderation team has been infiltrated by neoliberals who have decided to infringe my freedom of speech .


One thought on “The Guardian infringes the world’s greatest tax expert’s freedom of speech

  1. I saw on that Guardian thread that you say your child’s nanny operates via an incorporated company, presumably for tax reasons. I am one of your most leftwing and loyal followers and, although I do not personally doubt you, I am concerned that others of your loyal followers may become confused by neoliberal hegemony and consider that to be hypocritical. Before you, rightfully, ban me for raising this issue, are you able to clarify your position on incorporating your house-servants?

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