My response to the Daily Mail and announcing the MADMAN Bill

Here is my response to Paul Dacre’s ridiculously nonsensical neoliberal defence of his and the Daily Mail’s sophistry in the Guardian.

I think it is fair to say that I am on the Left. And I do not obsess over the Daily Mail.

Sure, I have spent a lot of my time over the past two weeks, and over half a century preceding that, rightly condemning Paul Dacre’s horrible paper whenever possible.

And, yes, I did call Margaret Thatcher’s legacy evil and critcise every single act she performed during her life upon hearing of her death. I felt it was only right and proper to criticise her on the very day she died. But that is not hypocrisy because Margaret Thatcher was a neoliberal and therefore it is right to criticise her whenever practicable

The fact that the Daily Mail took almost twenty years to criticise Ralph Miliband’s legacy is far, far worse. Poor Ed Miliband has surely been held in a state of morbid anticipation of the day that his father’s dislike of British institutions and British people would be raised.  He has been held on tenterhooks for two decades.

However, it gave him the opportunity to prepare a defence which was this: Rather like Stalin, Ralph Miliband fought against the Nazis; ergo he loved Britain, despite expressing dislike for almost every single thing about it.

That defence has been seen to be a completely coherent argument by intelligent people who, quite correctly, only rely on the BBC and the Guardian for their analysis of the news.

The State should be given editorial control over all newspapers except, that is, for the Guardian which should be allowed to continue to supply extremist groups of all persuasion with critical intelligence.

And perhaps the Mirror.

But aside from that, I see no reason to have a free and opinionated press in this country which is, candidly, in the pocket of big business and the Conservative Party. The sooner we are able to stamp out these vendors of lies and mongers of propaganda, the better.

I have recently been working on some legislation, the Mandatory Annexing of the Daily Mail and Associated Newspapers Bill, which would achieve this.

I am currently trying to get Michael Meacher to put this before Parliament as a Private Member’s Bill. Michael is my member of choice, but any other member who will sponsor this Bill should contact me.

If David Cameron is serious about suppressing incorrect opinions in our national press, he will endorse my bill.


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