The Icke Lectures: I’m in Norwich to give mine, entitled ‘Jesus would buy State of Courage’

This is a press release from the University of East Anglia in Norwich:

Murphy Richards, the President of Researches for Taxes UK, will be the guest speaker at the next Icke lecture on Wednesday 9 October in Norwich, University of East Anglia.

The free lecture entitled ‘Jesus would buy my book: State of Courage’ is part of a series of six Icke lectures on ‘Putting words in mouths of Gods’, which seeks to encourage people to pretend that deities might somehow endorse their personal pet projects.

Speaking in advance of the lecture, Murphy Richards said:

“We live in an era of government cuts. Jesus lived in a comparatively cushy era before neoliberalism took hold. I imagine he’d need to read up on it. He definitely would have bought my book off Amazon to find out how society has degenerated in the past 2000 years.”

“For example, Jesus would probably be most concerned that the UK government only recognises £32 billion of tax that is not collected a year. Whereas the estimate of the fascist institution that is the EU, based on my excellent and not at all shoddy research, is much much higher, at £95 billion.”

“Given his omnipotence, I imagine it would be very easy for Jesus to provide the administrative and bureaucratic resources that are needed to enforce my GRAPIST.”

Murphy Richards has told us he is the world’s greatest tax expert. He has run several businesses into the ground before becoming one of the founders of the Justice for Taxes Network. Murphy is now the Pope of Researches for Taxes UK which undertakes work on fictitious taxation policy, marketing books and providing guesses of unverifiable numbers for aid agencies, unions, NGOs and others who have money but don’t actually need to rely on the veracity of his work.

The person who shall be following me is Iain Crowther who shall be giving a lecture entitled “The Holy Spirit would vote for an independent Scotland”.


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