Ding dong! Stephanie Flanders is leaving the BBC!

I was delighted to hear that Stephanie Flanders is leaving the BBC to go to her neoliberal sophistrical home of JP Morgan.

As I tweeted:

Ding dong

I also retweeted this from Ian Fraser, a man who is wrong less of the time than other people who are not me (he also has a book to sell, so we are somewhat kindred spirits):

Ding dong 2

I think Ian has summarised the situation very well. This is obviously a reward by sophists for the neoliberal propaganda that Stephanie has spread on our televisions.

You can tell because they’ve given her a nominal junior role of “Chief market strategist”. Presumably because they know from her time on television that she doesn’t know anything about economics as she obviously paid attention during economics lectures at university, unlike me.

Anyway, aside from the obvious corporate capture of Stephanie, this is an excellent opportunity for a middle-aged white man of non-neoliberal ideology to take the vacant position of BBC Economics Editor.

I imagine this will be unlikely given the institutional misandry and fascism of the BBC.


2 thoughts on “Ding dong! Stephanie Flanders is leaving the BBC!

  1. You would be perfect as BBC economics editor Murphy. It’s about time we saw a few more middle-aged white men employed at the BBC.

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