The haves and have yachts

I liked this from the Guardian this morning:


I blame the bloody bankers for this outrage.

Bloody bankers.

Bloody yachts.

Bloody neoliberals.

Welcome to 21st century neoliberalism, to which, I promise you, there is an alternative. An Alternative of Courage.


13 thoughts on “The haves and have yachts

    • With respect Brian, that’s a stupid question and you’re a complete idiot Brian. Candidly.

      I think you will find that Murphy is completely right as per usual and if you can’t see that you’re obviously some sort of neoliberal ponce. I bet you even like George Osbourne (Is that how you spell it? I don’t know because I’m not a political economist like Mr Murphy Richards is).

      You’re a knobhead Brian. Candidly, stop wasting my time.

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