Venn diagrams for our times: Neoliberalism!



One thought on “Venn diagrams for our times: Neoliberalism!

  1. The scourge of neoliberalistic dogma goes to the heart of the manufacturing decline of the UK, the increase of the bedroom tax and the over-reliance of HMRC on the Big 4 accounting firms.

    It are these elements, as laid out in the Courageous State, which are thwarting an increase in tax receipts, fat-cat banking payoffs and 94.7% (as noted in research by TUC*) of all businesses in the UK being engaged in some form of tax impropriety.

    I worry deeply about the future of my small children and their inability to participate in a sensible and sustainable future via the Green New Deal.

    *In the interest of transparency, I advise TUC and I like Clive Peedell.

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