The new Fair Tax Mark Boardgame- Income Tax Edition

As many of you will know, I am an expert in the boardgame manufacturing industry. So it is only natural that following the success of our Fair Tax Mark boardgame I am already releasing a follow up.

The Justice for Taxes Network, in conjunction with Researches for Taxes UK and Uncut the UK now proudly present: Fair Tax MarkIncome Tax Edition.

Game rules

This is a fiendishly addictive game for 2-60m players of all ages.

Just like the Corporation Tax Edition (as it will now be branded), the players calculate their own tax expectation gaps.

Firstly, the players will need to set up the board by laying it flat on the table. Then, taking turns, each player calculates their “fair tax” by multiplying their gross income by the top rate of tax, being 50% for players using 2011/12 returns.

The game is made slightly easier (which is not my choice, by the way) for 2012/13 as the top rate of income tax is 45%.

Players from outside the UK can play too but they still must the UK additional rate of income tax.

Players then have to produce their self-assessment tax return for the year and compare what they actually paid. The difference between the “fair tax” and the amount actually paid is their “expectation gap”.

For every pound of their expectation gap, the player gets hit once in the face with the board by every other player. That is every pound they have actually paid under their fair tax score. Don’t get them the wrong way around!

For every pound over the expectation gap, the player is allowed to hit with the board the face of any player of his choosing.

Notes for players:

*It has been found that players try to omit income covered by their personal allowance, or tax exempt income such as interest in an ISA, or capital gains on exempt assets like Nick Ross’s house. These must be included as the game is about fairness, not what is legal.

Fair Tax Mark – Income Tax Edition is a product of Fair Tax Mark Boardgames (Ireland) Ltd and the intellectual property of Murphy Richards Holdings (Ireland) Ltd.


One thought on “The new Fair Tax Mark Boardgame- Income Tax Edition

  1. You’re such a force in this world I do wonder if you have taken the opportunity to register your image in Guernsey yet? If you have your were right to do so and I applaud. If not, you were right not to do so and I applaud.
    Beauty is the fair share of tax, the fair share of tax beauty – that is all we know and all we need to know .

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