Anybody who criticises Uncut the UK is obviously evil! (Not yet another ad hominem rant by yours truly)

I loved this obvious put down of Judith Freedman in a Bloomberg article:

[It is amazing that] Uncut the UK does have detractors [who are clearly wrong]. “They are contributing but in a way that’s polarizing the debate and demonizing business,” said [neoliberal] Judith Freedman, a professor of tax law [and sophistry] at  Oxford University and the director of legal research for the University’s Center for Business Taxation [and lies]. “And they are highly selective in their targets, which is invidious. [There are great summer offers at Sainburys, whatever the weather!]”

Oh dear, poor big business. How nasty it is for people to smear organisations that obey the intention and letter of the law! Boo hoo hoo!

That is sarcasm, by the way. I know many of you don’t get the subtlety and nuanced manner I use language. Unless, of course, the organisation being smeared is the Labour Party. Or Stemcor.

However, I think it more important that Oxford Centre for Business Taxation should declare its conflicts of interest when making such comments. It took me two days of research to locate this on the internet:

Screen shot 2013-06-11 at 11.06.35

Let me tell you this is completely hidden away and only an internet expert such as myself could ever possibly find this.

When I went to OUCBT’s home page I was required to click, completely counter-intuitively on, “about” and then, and only then, did the option to view an option for “funding” appear as one of six options! This number of options is obviously designed to confuse tax campaigners such as myself.

I must admit I only found it by luck at first.

Also, given that Judith Freedman is sponsored by all these businesses it is obvious that she cannot be listened to with regards to business or any matter relating to tax. Which is presumably why they hid details of their funding away on a page directly accessible from their home page!

This is simply not acceptable, in my democracy, that you are two whole clicks away from this vital information! I should be able to know whether someone is trustworthy the second that I see them. Anything more than that is just wasting my time.

For this reason, members of the OUCBT should have a star stitched on their clothing to show that they are sponsored by tax avoiders. As should all tax avoiders and tax professionals.

The star is short for Starbucks, a well-known tax avoider who immorally comply with the law as it was intended.

On the other hand, Uncut the UK declare all their sponsors. For example, I can find out very easily whether the unions or Costa Coffee have donated substantial funds directly or through intermediaries to Uncut the UK by writing to their treasurer a polite letter threatening legal action if they don’t tell me (after making a few phone calls to determine her name). Ever so simple.

But this entire logical destruction of the OUCBT (which is not at all an ad hominem argument) has arisen from the fact that Oxford University demand that I click my left mouse button twice!



3 thoughts on “Anybody who criticises Uncut the UK is obviously evil! (Not yet another ad hominem rant by yours truly)

  1. Murphy, as you know I am the lecturer at the other university with the initials OU. I am of the firm view that all corporate sponsorship of universities should be terminated immediately. This money is simply freely available to the University to spend on employing left wing intellectuals like myself. Ultimately this dirty money must partly fund my employment. Under this onerous contract I am forced to spend hours a week doing all sorts of duties like technology lecturing, writing and marking papers and dealing with students. This eats into the little free time I can devote to ridding the world of total corporate capture and vile tax avoiding MNCs. And that is the true purpose of this purported sponsorship. They are simply trying to capture me personally by subsidising my employment. It must stop.

  2. Murphy, I have applied the new and robust Fair tax Mark methodology to Stemcor. They score very badly under all three dimensions: Country by country reporting, tax rate and tax haven scores. This puts them very close to the bottom of the list.

    Clearly, this is the surest sign they haven’t avoided tax and I think now puts the matter to rest..

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