Leading tax avoidance expert declares: “tax abuse for all, hooray!”

A leading tax avoidance advocate has suggested that the Mehjoo case definitely means that accountants must sell as many abusive tax avoidance schemes to their clients as they can.

In a (presumably) drunken fit of pro-avoidance fervour, Richard Murphy exclaimed:

“unless you make all abusive schemes known t a client you are liable”

He cited impressive, reliable legal sources, such as “a quote from myself in a newspaper” and “some other people” to show that the Mehjoo decision was a terrible endorsement of tax abuse by the judiciary:


Mr Murphy (no relation of mine) has declared a free-for-all on mandatory tax avoidance and demanded that accountants everywhere start promoting his nanny tax avoidance schemes or face legal action.

By briefing the newspaper to say that the decision demands tax avoidance for all, this arch-sophist has given a shot in the arm to the avoidance industry. Accountants will now feel obliged to force abusive arrangements on their clients and offer casual passers-by avoidance schemes.

Somebody else I know has told me that Richard Murphy is not only a tax avoidance expert, he is a suitably qualified negligence expert. My source said:

“he must be an exceptional guy, he didn’t even bother reading the decision”

Well, despite slaying tax avoidance once-and-for-all not once but twice in the past six months, it looks like it has come back yet again.

Incidentally, I have started writing two new e-books. I’ll let you know when they get published on Amazon for a very competitive price.


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