The entire tax profession is evil (not an ad hominem rant at all)

Accountancy Age report this morning that:

HM REVENUE & CUSTOMS has begun its search for a permanent General Anti-Abuse Rule advisory panel, following the recent appointment of its head, Patrick Mears, the former partner and head of tax at law firm Allen & Overy.

In an advert posted online, the taxman states the eight roles available are voluntary, with the necessary expenses covered. Initial appointments will be for three years, although it is believed there is some flexibility.

Like the interim panel, the permanent panel will be drawn from a broad base of sectors, and will have extensive tax knowledge. The panel will convene six times a year, and it is expected appointments will be made shortly after the interview process is completed in the week beginning 17 June.

And therein lies the problem. You must be have extensive tax knowledge.

For the record, that is not why I am not applying. I am omniscient with regards to taxation. But I wouldn’t do it unless they pay me. Or at least let me advertise my books in the published decisions.

They didn’t even let me do this with the GAAR guidance.

But the extensive tax knowledge condition prevents almost everybody from HMRC applying. Or anybody with a conscience or moral compass who is scared of being offended by other peoples’ opinions on the internet.

Also because the advert is posted on the internet, those who are suitably qualified at HMRC won’t see it because they aren’t allowed or qualified to use computers.

Welcome to the surreal world of people with extensive knowledge making decisions about things that they have extensive knowledge in.

On the other hand, the clearance system under my GRAPIST would hand complete authority to junior HMRC staff to make decisions on the basis of what they might questionably assume something to be on first glance.


One thought on “The entire tax profession is evil (not an ad hominem rant at all)

  1. You are right to point out the total capture of our tax system by tax accountants (neoliberals). Knowledge of tax is a clear impediment to getting to the right tax answer. This flows from using the following well known phrases (let’s call them axioms as it is as good as a mathematical proof) which I set out in my recent paper: “knowledge is power” and “absolute power corrupts absolutely”. This second one can be simplified to power corrupts.
    So people with tax knowledge must have all the power and power corrupts. So it follows that anyone with tax knowledge is both powerful and corrupt. And that is the heart of the problem. It also follows that if you have no knowledge you are not corrupt and so can easily make moral decisions on the behaviour of others without resort to any facts.

    You should be on this panel and paid handsomely in expenses. I’m not saying you are the best tax expert in the world but you are in the top one.

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