Google lobbies David Cameron for a tax haven in the clouds

A source close to the Government has revealed that Eric Schmidt has personally lobbied David Cameron to stop UK tax residency at 500m above ground level. This is apparently following Google’s acquisition of technology that would allow them to put key resources on self-powered mobile airborne platforms at over half a kilometre above the ground.

This would give Google the potential to make themselves non-resident anywhere in the world by putting their servers, cash deposits, directors, management staff and sales staff on self-powered kites hovering above the UK.

David Cameron is actually considering this proposal following Google starting to make good on their threat to base new operations on an asteroid. The Prime Minister apparently thinks that this tax break will at least force them to tether themselves to land which they will presumably rent from David’s old Eton chums.

Jersey has already suggested the idea of stopping its taxing rights at 400m above sea level. Tax-haven-deniers Ireland are yet to make an announcement on this matter but already have a long-standing offer to hollow out Lugnaquilla peak for Mr Schmidt’s personal use.


3 thoughts on “Google lobbies David Cameron for a tax haven in the clouds

  1. This is easy to address under Land Value Tax. Simply define land as including self-powered mobile airborne platforms. The land tethers would be in too – taxed on their value.

    See, it really is the best tax by a country mile (that’s in too). I really need a lie down now I’ve mentioned LVT.

  2. Murphy, it has been made clear to me that some neoliberals don’t accept our analysis that Stemcor has not avoided tax. It is unbelievable I know but I set out to prove it by other means. I decided to apply a Unitary tax calculation to their numbers and compare it with actual UK tax paid. Understandably I modified the approach taken to HSBC and Barclays as that simply would not give the right result. What I found is, if you discount information on some UK employees and UK turnover and then adjust UK tax actually paid for part of the deferred tax items and then double it and then extrapolate a bit more you get to definitive proof that no tax has been avoided. QED..

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