Ireland denies it is a tax haven, which is the surest sign it is one!

The FT has reported that:

Dublin [has] strongly rejected allegations contained in a US Senate Committee report that it is a tax haven

But then every tax haven does that. And they have to do so because somebody has asked them if they are a tax haven. In which case Ireland is a definitely a tax haven, as I have determined by following my useful flowchart:

are you a tax haven


6 thoughts on “Ireland denies it is a tax haven, which is the surest sign it is one!

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  2. If this test proves inconclusive (unlikely but tax dodgers will try and get around anything), perhaps we could move to a Trial by Ordeal?

      • Excellent analysis Murphy and a model of clarity as usual. As you are the world’s number one tax expert, I am sure you have already considered this but this analysis could easily be extended to those individuals and companies that have denied perpetrating tax avoidance, apart from the obvious exception of Margaret Hodge. Perhaps insert into the GRAPIST for good measure?

        If you do decide to do a similar diagram for tax avoidance it should perhaps have a supplementary question, “Are you Margeret Hodge or Stemcor?”. Answer “yes” and there is definitely no tax avoidance. Answer “no” and the rest follows.

        Just another one of my thoughts as I get distracted away from marking papers on the use of common fastenings and fittings applicable to the holding of metal, wood, plastics, card and paper.

      • I think a Venn Diagram would articulate this piece of logic perfectly and counter the neo-liberal non-believers. Could just have a small overlap in the middle for Hodge and other such untouchable friends of Justice for taxes and then everthing else whether yes or no is alegal.

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