Owen Jones reckons tax campaigners ought to lead the way and adopt my GRAPIST

An excellent article by Owen Jones suggests that tax campaigners and pro-profligacy groups should lead by example and adopt anti-avoidance rules themselves in order to prove the moral case against tax avoidance.

Owen has kindly agreed to waive his rights under the current tax legislation and agreed to adopt the basis of legislation as enforced by my GRAPIST.

We hope to have his first avoidance hearing next month to see whether it would be more appropriate to tax him under a different basis given his unique circumstances. I remind Owen that he has agreed to pay my travel and subsistence fees as I am standing in for the HMRC representative who would decide his case.

I have already had to inform Owen that his purchase of Ding Dong the Witch is Dead! is not an allowable expense for tax purposes.


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