79 seconds to save the NHS

You only have 79 seconds to read this post before the Conservatives dismantle the National Health Service and sell it piecemeal to private businesses. Read it quickly and then shout abuse at the nearest person going to work to save the NHS.

Since 1946, the Tories have been selling off the NHS to private businesses known in the trade as “general practitioners”. I don’t suppose you’ve heard of these businesses but many are very strongly involved in lobbying to maintain the status quo which favours their evil profiteering ways.

These “GPs” have been cherry-picking the most profitable and easy services whilst leaving the NHS to pick up the tab on the most expensive and awkward services, such as out-of-hours services and anything that cannot be dealt with in a five minute meeting and a standard prescription.

Many of these GPs claim benefits and perquisites normally only available to employees, whilst they enjoy the tax benefits of not being taxed as an employee. A significant number of them have incorporated their businesses to avoid taxes further.

The Coalition have been throwing the NHS to these evil profiteers since their disastrous renegotiation of the GPs contracts in 2004. It was, however, arch-neoliberal sophist Aneurin Bevan who privatised this significant section of the NHS in 1946, two years before the NHS was founded by Nye Bevan, the iconic hero of the Left.

Of course, many GPs threatened to quit the country and Aneurin Bevan succumbed to corporate capture and intense lobbying from these wealthy individuals. The public have been held hostage by this section of the private sector ever since.

Interestingly, these private businesses are opposed to the introduction of further competition in the NHS because it would harm their ability dictate terms to the NHS, whom in fact they should be employed by and taxed accordingly. They are just interested in maintaining their monopolies on the local population.

If you have taken longer than 79 seconds to reach this point, I am sorry: the NHS is now dead. Again.

Hopefully, there will be yet another opportunity to save the NHS before it is destroyed. But it’s not like these opportunities come along every few weeks, is it?


One thought on “79 seconds to save the NHS

  1. you are the first person who has ever pointed out the difference between evil Aneurin and heroic Nye Bevan. This is a key insight that makes it clear just how much of the NHS has been destroyed by the Conservatives, even before it was created.

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