The CIOT should be renamed the FIF

A little while ago, I spoke to the Chartered Institute of Taxation with a view to delivering the Chartered Tax Advisers’ Address 2013.

I spent a good couple of hours briefing somebody there about how immoral tax advisers are and how they ought to buy my book Cashing In by Murphy Richards which describes in detail how tax advisers are immoral and should be banned from openly discussing their personal opinions on tax, politics and anything else.

Being the professional broadcaster and public speaker, I have just phoned up to confirm what time the CIOT are expecting me to speak to them. And they have just told me that they have found “someone else” to speak.

It is becoming quite apparent that people are deliberately telling me that I can promote my book on their shows or at their events knowing full well that they will let me down at the last minute. This is just like Newsnight or Today all over again!

I invented tax and nobody knows anything about it other than me. I’m the only authority there is. And now the CIOT act like there’s somebody more suitable than me to speak to them.

And once again it is to bump me, a poor under-represented middle-class, middle-aged white man, for a woman! They’ve got some bitch called Justine Henderson to speak in my place.

Now, I haven’t come across Mrs Henderson before, or the Hon Mrs Justine Henderson as she apparently likes to be known. But I sincerely doubt she has as much legal knowledge as I do.

Chartered Institute of Taxation? Fascist Institute of Fascism more like it.


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