I’m not surprised

I’m not surprised by the election results. They are exactly as I have predicted.

But, it is worth noting that a certain local “satirical” figure here in Norfolk, someone “amusingly” calling himself “Richard Murphy”, has tried to explain the success of UKIP:


Yes, people in this situation will listen to anyone, however bizarre his policies, however sloppy his research, however ill-informed he is about his supposed area of expertise, however incoherent he is, however closed-minded he is and however obnoxious he is when he gets rejected from appearing on the BBC to try to plug his books.

Yes, people who are politically disenfranchised are utterly stupid and will listen to any idiot.


3 thoughts on “I’m not surprised

  1. I am not sure why you think listening to idiots is a bad thing. We are talking about Radio 1 here, which as you are well aware, is funded by taxes. Which in turn means that if various online traders operating out of Luxembourg were to pay their fair share of the license fee, my aunt in Gloucestershire could listen to Terry Wogan safe in the knowledge that all is well in the world.

    • It’s only fair that somebody living in Luxembourg pay all of my license fee. This is where the expression Radio Luxembourg comes from. I hope this explains the matter fully.

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