Now the BBC has been corporately captured!!!!

This is not the first time that the BBC have deliberately silenced me! I remember all too well that Newsnight decided to give airtime to a bunch of ignorant women, including Belinda Dodwell, rather than me.

I have long felt the BBC should be renamed the Fascist British Broadcasting Corporation. I do most especially this morning.

I made this story on tax havens! And they nicked it from me.

Now I presume that’s no surprise to anyone that these news stories do not just emerge. I created the story out of thin air yesterday afternoon. For once it was a man I was dealing with which reassured me and he then referred me on to Radio 4′s Today programme.

I then repeated quite a long briefing to explain just what these deals mean, including a lot of background information. That takes quite a lot of time, as you can imagine. Especially when they kept making neoliberal remarks and ad hominem attacks which I had to quash  at every instance.

So by midnight, I was bored of this explaining stuff to them and they had only half got it right. Eventually, they said why don’t I tell it to them in the morning. I presumed they meant on air.

And then a while later they rang to say they’d changed their minds. I presumed the story had been dropped, but no, they said they’d found someone else to comment.

“Who?”, I asked. They told me. It was only a bloody woman woman!!!!!

Ronnie Ludwig of Saffrey Champness, Edinburgh. Now I have come across Mrs Ludwig before and she is an arch-neoliberal sophist of the highest calibre.

I am now going to spend a significant proportion of this blog making remarks which to the uneducated person might appear to be ad hominem attacks and lies. In actual fact, they are logically precise arguments levelled against what Mrs Ludwig said on the programme. And what I am able to infer she said off the programme, and perhaps in her head.

The firm’s website says:

A partner in the Edinburgh office, and head of the firm’s Private Wealth Practice Group, Ronnie specialises in advising private clients and businesses across all aspects of strategic financial improvement strategies and tax planning.

Now what might that mean? It means she is a perfectly legal but illegally alegal GAARable tax avoider.

She is a specialist tax advisor and develops bespoke and innovative tax solutions for her clients.

She’s definitely a tax avoider then! And a bitch too, no doubt. Although there’s nothing illegal in the avoidance of course, it is completely illegal as of the other day when I declared that the argument that tax avoidance is legal is dead and gone.

And there’s no law against being a bitch. Yet.

And what of offshore? Ronnie says she has:

Advised on numerous tax efficient business improvement structures for clients, both onshore and offshore.

Now we all know what ’tax efficient’ means. It is a euphemism for stealing from The State that which it rightfully deserves. So she definitely is a bitch. Which is not illegal but is immoral.

Note, these are still not ad hominem attacks.

So the FBBC made a choice. They could have had a commentator who has written many books which he can cite quickly for promotional purposes on air, has helped the civil society demand for reform of nanny tax avoidance structures for over a decade and has co-written the most criticised book on tax havens in universities, or they could have some stupid woman who has openly advertised that she has used tax havens to avoid tax.

So they chose the latter. Because they are fascists!

Now of course Mrs Ludwig welcomed the deal on tax havens when she spoke, lying cow. I bet she had been crying five minutes beforehand because she probably loves evading tax. But she said on air that moves to stop tax evasion were welcome. That’s hardly surprising she could have said nothing else.

She also made clear that the problem is with the use of offshore companies and trusts, which no doubt she is familiar with given what she advertises she does, although I am sure everything she arranges is fully disclosed. I have to say that for legal reasons but I’m really trying to insinuate that she probably tells people to hide stuff there illegally.

I am not trying to insinuate that she probably tells people to hide stuff offshore illegally.*

I’m really pissed off with this woman so I’m just going to keep going at her like a demented loon. Like a demented loon. Not actually a demented loon. Or making ad hominem attacks.

It’s what she also said, and did not say, that mattered.

First, she offered no solutions to the problem of trusts and companies: I could have easily given them half an hour on solutions and explain why they do not contravene fundamental legal principles like everybody says they do. She just said it was a problem and implied there was nothing that could be done about it by not saying we could do what I say we can do.

Second, she said the offshore problem is small and that few people who use these places actually evade tax. That is completely untrue. The Justice for Taxes Network estimate of $21 trillion of illicit assets being located in these places is now widely regarded as one of two estimates that have been made. And ours is larger. By quite a lot, actually.

That is one sixth of the world’s wealth. That is not a small problem. It is absurd to say, as was said and implied, that the scale of it cannot be estimated and to dismiss it as a minor issue. That is untrue. I’ve estimated it and the President of Researches for Taxes agrees that I am correct as does Uncut the UK’s adviser on these matter and whatever unions I work for now (not as an employee – I’m a genuine business if HMRC are reading this).

Third, she implied we could not legislate for these places. That is wrong, the stupid bitch. I have long suggested depriving Jersey of human rights.

Fourth, she suggested these places and the money they provide were an advantage to the UK because they passed money on to the city. And yet this is the entire problem I am tackling! There is a UK financial services sector run by lizards, built on secrecy, developed through tax avoidance and founded on the basis of hidden and illicit flows that has utterly de-stabilised our economy.

But she explicitly endorsed this process, neoliberal whore. Though she didn’t actually say that. I had to infer that she explicitly endorsed it. She overlooked in the process that much of that money may have been tax evaded out of the UK in the first place. May have been. Possibly.

In other words, she took the opportunity to support tax havens and all they do whilst taking part in the ritualistic condemnation of tax evasion they all offer as well (though I must point out for legal reasons I am only trying to suggest that she loves tax evasion), before suggesting there was really little that could be done about much of it. BITCH!

This is typical of the FBBC – The Fascist British Broadcasting Corporation. Why do they always choose to broadcast the view of neoliberal sophists, and not those of the people who are clearly good people who deserve some sort of award or honour.

For example, the sort of person who promotes tax payment, the rights of the ordinary taxpayer, and something if anything more important still, and that is our democratic way of life is dependent upon tax being paid, deserves a Knighthood, or at least some bloody airtime to promote his latest book!

Tax havens undermine that way of life and the very fabric of our society, and the FBBC seem intent on giving airtime to those who excuse their doing so. Usually it’s Belinda Dodwell. Today someone else, but almost never a critic. The FBBC hasn’t mentioned tax avoidance once ever. The fascists! How dare they censor me?

There can be no doubt I know this subject and am a competent broadcaster! Everybody I know agrees with me when I put this to them!

This then comes down to straightforward undiluted political bias by the FBBC and the Today programme in particular. I’ll remember that when the time comes! You’re on the list.

It was not that long ago that the Justice for Taxes Network were told by Today we could not be on the programme as we tended to make defamatory remarks and unsubstantiated claims against individual taxpayers. No we don’t. We rely on hearsay, conjecture and circumstantial evidence.

And we’re also pro the democracy that tax havens undermine. And don’t start blabbing on about the comments policy on this blog you fascist neoliberal types!

The question has to be asked as to why the FBBC is so reluctant to give such views airtime?

And they can’t fob me off with “we’re responsible for output, even that of guests, and if we are seen to support any of the things you’ve said on your blog as actual facts we will get sued” again.

There. That is how you use logic to win the argument without resorting to name calling, ad hominem attacks, politically warped opinions, conjecture, lying, circumstantial evidence, misrepresentation or any of the other things that you stupid neoliberal fascists always do.

That’s why I should be broadcast into every home in this country, if not the world.





*I am


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