HMRC has been assimilated by the Big 4

The Pubic Accounts Committee has spoken, the Big 4 have officially taken control of HM Revenue and Customs. Margaret Hodge says that these firms are deliberately brainwashing all HMRC’s employees into allowing these accountancy firms to avoid tax at will.

I agree. Having been on a Treasury committee as an ‘outsider’ recently, I was strapped down into a chair and had my eyes pinned open whilst Belinda Dodwell tried to seduce me.

It is completely wrong that HMRC uses people who have experience of tax and accounting at the highest level. I have argued time and again that union officials would make the most appropriate people to sit at the top of HMRC.

Also, perhaps we could get dustbin men, plumbers, cleaners and taxi drivers seconded to help advise on the intricacies of international taxation.

Then we wouldn’t have the disgraceful behaviour of KPMG who dared to publish a brochure advertising the patent box and trying to attract business to the UK!

Nobody is supposed to actually use the patent box. They are supposed to come to the UK with the intention of using it and then decide not to or accidentally forget about it. The last thing the patent box is supposed to do is reduce anybody’s corporation tax liability!

Margaret Hodge understands that. She understands that The State makes reliefs sound simple and easy to claim when in fact they are overly-complex and intended to have so many caveats and conditions that people end up not claiming them. The State just wants people to think that there might

So when a Big 4 accountancy firm actually explains the rules and dares to advise people on how to claim a relief, they are betraying the intentions of Parliament. This is nothing short of treason.

They are undermining democracy.

They are destroying the fabric of our society.

They are advocating slavery.

They are trying to reintroduce apartheid.

Margaret Hodge has done HMRC a great service by discouraging the thousands of hours of world class expertise that they currently receive.


3 thoughts on “HMRC has been assimilated by the Big 4

  1. It is completely unfair of you to talk about the ‘Big Four”. A few of my cricketing mates and myself have accountancy firms in and around Watford, and we refer to ourselves as the ‘Magnificent Seven’. Quite original don’t you think? We have many times suggested things to HMRC, and would appreciate it very much if you would acknowledge our efforts. Just because KPMG employ ex-cabinet ministers and people who have been to university does not mean that they should get all the attention. Please correct this or I shall begin to doubt your omnipotence.

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