The GRAPIST strikes again!

Yesterday I defeated tax avoidance once and for all.

I personally overturned four of the leading cases saying that tax avoidance is legal. Consequently, the executors of Fisher, the Duke of Westminster, Ayrshire Pullman and Mr Partington will all be receiving amended tax assessments for all the relevant years in question.

But despite all my gushing praise for myself in writing the GAAR guidance, tax avoidance is stronger than ever and to help defeat it you will probably need to buy one of my books.

Also, Michael Meacher is reintroducing my GRAPIST as an amendment to Finance Bill 2013. Its quadruple questionable test far outguns the measly double reasonableness test of Aaronson’s. As a leading tax expert has said:

If it is questionable that a questionable person might questionably view a transaction as questionable, then it is avoidance and should be taxed however HMRC think appropriate.


This allows HMRC to basically say that the tax is whatever they want in any given circumstance. But for fairness sake I have included a clearance process.


You have to pay up front, of course. 5% of whatever tax HMRC think may possibly be at stake. That’s fair isn’t it?

If MPs don’t vote for it and only implement the practically useless GAAR, then it is evident that they are not serious about tackling tax avoidance.

But I clearly am because I have written a number of books on the subject which you can buy at a very reasonable price from the Google Play Store or Amazon.


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