Ding dong! Tax avoidance is dead!

As I said earlier, I ended tax avoidance officially last year. I refer to last tax year, of course, being the moral annual measurement of time as opposed to the decadent neoliberal calendar year.

But, I have yet again ended tax avoidance today. The publication of the interim GAAR guidance marks the end of the argument that tax avoidance is legal.

No it isn’t.

Tax avoidance is the reduction of tax liabilities by legal means other than that sanctioned by The State. And now I’ve made that illegal.

So the legal reduction of tax liabilities is now illegal so the logical paradox of tax avoidance being inalegal, the polar opposite of alegal, creates a statutory vortex that strikes down tax avoidance in all its forms in whatever country they might be.

Therefore, from now on if something is legal it cannot possibly be tax avoidance because tax avoidance is no longer legal.*

The World, you’re welcome.

*Of course, we still require county-by-county reporting, my GRAPIST, shareholder-by-shareholder reporting, the abolition of corporate entities and the replacement of our wayward judiciary with a body which has more understanding and appreciation of The State’s intentions. This GAAR won’t have any impact whatsoever, as I’ve said all along.


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