The Joy of Taxtology?

Over the weekend I had an interesting conversation with an old acquaintance. I must confess I don’t like the man so I shall not name him so he cannot substantiate his claim to fame.

I was explaining to him some intricacies of the tax system, which he clearly did not understand. He then said something which I found interesting.

“I understand what they say about you now. That you are to taxation what L Ron Hubbard is to science.”

The fact that somebody other than me said something interesting is noteworthy in itself. But I have not heard that particular compliment before and I cannot deny that I am some sort of spiritual leader for the tax community.

Don’t worry dear reader, I shall not become a scientologist. Scientology is a neoliberal product of a neoliberal society. Though it had to be said that I am in favour of auditing for all.

I am currently considering establishing the Church of Taxtology and renaming the book I am currently writing to The Joy of Taxtology.


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