Margaret Hodge obviously knows her stuff

Yesterday I read a nice little piece from Margaret Hodge who takes a lead from Murphy Richards and talks about herself in the third person. Margaret Hodge says…

The government is losing billions each year from tax avoidance. It is time to crack down on it, says Margaret Hodge

And it is clear that the Government are intentionally doing nothing about it.

How do I know this? Well, I’m not allowed  to talk about it for ethical reasons but I’m on the GAAR interim panel and my fellow panel members keep telling me we can’t tackle the tax avoidance I identify because apparently it is “not actually tax avoidance”.

Their neoliberal arguments are that businesses like Starbucks, Amazon and Google are behaving within the letter and intention of the law. Well, that may be, but it is irrelevant.

Their behaviours are immoral so they must be illegal as well as legal, so they cannot be either, hence they are alegal.

I notice that people are openly starting to adopt the sophistical neoliberal argument and it must be stopped forthwith. But I shan’t mention the GAAR interim panel any more. It would be unethical for me to do so.

Murphy Richard goes on to say that Margaret Hodge is right to question the role of the big four in promoting the patent box on the UK’s behalf to their global customers. We do not want to encourage businesses to use the UK as a place to manage and develop their intellectual property.

That’s why grassroots movements such as the Justice for Taxes Network, Researches for Taxes UK, Uncut the UK and London be Occupied have agreed with me in demanding that the R&D tax relief avoidance scheme loophole be closed with immediate and retrospective effect.

Mrs Hodge is also correct to once again point out how woeful HMRC and all of its employees are. HMRC needs quality staff with high-level experience of the UK tax system as it is seen by big business and the big four accountancy firms.

And Mrs Hodge is right again when she says we don’t want staff with high-level experience of the UK tax system from big business and the big four accountancy firms because they have been corrupted and will spend all their efforts destroying the tax system from within.

We could solve this problem immediately by hiring thousands of new inspectors who have never worked in the private sector but have top experience of the UK tax system.

Finally, Mrs Hodge agrees with me when she says:

And it means getting tougher on tax avoiders by mounting more prosecutions.

Murphy Richards has for a very long time recommended criminal proceedings against people who intentionally obey the law.


2 thoughts on “Margaret Hodge obviously knows her stuff

  1. I really don’t know what we would do without you to point the way.

    The quality of your analysis is astounding and I think you should be chancellor of the exchequer or PM, at least. Or maybe King? (the one in Buck House, not the one who used to hang out in Threadneedle Street)

    Why should we want evil, capitalist baby-eating running dogs investing in the ure UK. They sully us with their grubby tradesman-like behaviour and then try to not pay taxes even if they lose money. Honestly, is there no limit to their evil ways?

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