It’s time for Labour to say that the Coalition are trying to start World War III

There are, as I have always said on this blog, just five ways to get the economic activity needed to create full employment in the UK.

One is for consumers to spend more, and they aren’t.They’re saving instead and understandably so in the climate of fear created due to fears over tax avoidance and multinationals psychotic behaviours.

The second is for business to invest and we know they’re not doing so because they are psychopaths and want as many people as possible to suffer. Especially the multinationals who are trying to make you starve by avoiding taxes.

Third there is a net increase in exports which increases domestic economic activity. Then there is an increase in government spending which should be funded through borrowing. We’ve already got real debts equivalent to nine times the value of our economy so we’re obviously good for it. Yet, why aren’t we borrowing more?

Lastly, we can kill all unemployed people. Which is the only logical option available to the Coalition once you have discarded the first four options.

This is an accounting identity: other options do not exist.

It is therefore a fact that the Coalition are trying to start World War III as a matter of economic policy in order to thin the global population to something more appropriate for its economic output.


2 thoughts on “It’s time for Labour to say that the Coalition are trying to start World War III

    • You are clearly a right wing troll who is incapable of reading. I suggest you read my post again.

      I could actually point out where you have misunderstood my clearly written prose, but I much prefer to throw out insults and insinuations that you are some sort of neoliberal imbecile and suggesting that I may not have understood exactly what you are saying because you are too moronic to communicate succinctly.

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