Tax is not theft – my logical masterclass

All tax professionals claim that tax is theft. They can’t help themselves, the neoliberal sophists. They all believe that tax is some form of institutionalised theft and that this justifies tax avoidance and evasion by their clients.

Well, it’s not justified. Tax is a charge created by the only process we know that affords legitimacy in its literal sense – an Act of Parliament. Any man on an omnibus anywhere but Somalia can see that.

Such logic is however beyond the libertarian fringe. So I shall spell it out in simple logical terms that even they can understand.

Tax is not theft – a logical proof

Firstly, no modern society has ever survived without government. So we need some sort of government.

Secondly, no modern society can survive without property rights. So we need some sort of property rights.

Thirdly, governments create property rights.

Fourthly, government can therefore do whatever it likes to enforce property rights.

Fifthly, tax is as legitimate as property rights.

Sixthly, property rights aren’t as legitimate as tax, because the government is bigger than the individual.

Seventhly, tax is more legitimate than property rights.

Eighthly, whatever taxes are required by government to enforce property rights are necessary and cannot be questioned.

Denying the legitimacy of tax is akin to tax evasion

Property rights are not just equally legitimate, they are fundamentally related. For example. the right to enjoy property is related to the obligation to pay property taxes.

So if you want to leave the government, the government has the right to your property because your right to it no longer exists. So tax can be levied on it unless you don’t want to have it any more.

The same applies to income and everything else.

The argument that tax is theft is then seen as akin to tax evasion. You’re denying the obligations without giving up your rights. So The State can just take away your right to the property because it no longer exists.

So by saying tax is theft, that is undemocratic because you are inciting others to ignore their property obligations. That cannot be allowed in a democracy because it is akin to terrorism.

Saying “tax is theft” is therefore an attack on democracy, the rule of law and society itself. The State is therefore well within its rights to stamp out such behaviour and I will endeavour to do my part in enforcing the comments section on this blog.


5 thoughts on “Tax is not theft – my logical masterclass

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  2. Dear Mr Richards,
    You’ve really confused me now. This convention on human rights, which was based on your work, seems to say that property can only be deprived where the conditions laid down by law are followed, as your indisputable logic above shows. But some of your other posts seem to say that immorality is alegal and therefore illegal, despite being legal and therefore illegal to tax under the convention. I don’t want to be a sophist, but please can you help me with this. I’m so confused.
    A Human Rights (aka Tax) lawyer

    • With respect, your point is absurd. You seem to suggest there is some sort of contradiction, which is nonsense.

      Tax is never alegal because tax is always moral. Tax avoidance is immoral so it is never legal, only alegal.

      You obiviously haven’t read any of my books. I suggest you do so.

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